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Best Vegan Cake in Kyoto - Ippuku Cafe

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

If you are living in Japan like me, I'm sure you have already experienced how small portions at restaurants and cafés are - especially when it comes to desserts. Not only are they tiny, they often are expensive as well.

I personally love cake but I have been a bit frustrated with how small they are here. However, recently I found a cafe I absolutely love!

Ippuku Cafe

Located in a small alley near Shijo-Kawaramachi Station, ippuku cafe is a small vegan cafe which offers cakes and and zenzai (sweet red bean soup with rice cake in it).

From outside the cafe looks quite small, but if you enter you will be guided upstairs, where there are several tables. The atmosphere is is cozy and the staff very friendly.

They usually offer 3 different cakes for 480¥ each piece, which I find very cheap compared to other vegan cafés. Not only are the pieces quite big, they are vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free which makes them perfect for anyone. A recent addition to their menu are teishoku-style lunch, lunch plates and curry.

Cake chocolat (thick chocolate)

Chiffron cake (Uji matcha green tea cream)

Chiffron cake (Strawberry cream)

The zenzai comes in two variatons, one is with normal mochi (rice cakes) made by white rice, the other one has mochi made from brown rice.

I went to ippuku cafe twice in order to try all three cakes and loved them all, but I liked their chiffron cake with matcha best. Both chiffron cakes are very soft, fluffy and not too sweet which I like a lot, but in my opinion the slight bitterness of the matcha goes very well with it.

The chocolate cake tastes amazing too, but is a bit too chocolaty for my taste. I think it goes very well with a cup of coffee. All three cakes come with a bit of vegan cream.

As for the zenzai, I only had the once with white rice mochi. I liked it very much as it was not too sweet. I recommend zensai in winter when you are feeling a bit cold and want something to fill your belly and warm you up at the same time.

Here you can have a look at their menu (the menu has been updated since I took this photo, but these items should still be available):

Another thing I love about this place is, that they offer a 100¥ discount for purchases over 800¥ if you post about it in instagram with the hashtag #ippukucafe and show it to the staff.

If you love cake, you should definetly check it out!



〒604-8042 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Nakanocho, 565-6 四条上る新

Opening times

11:30〜20:00 (closed tuesday, wednesday)


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