Gluten-free Bakery with Vegan Options in Munich | Echt Jetzt

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For bread lovers, I believe there is nothing more devastating than finding out that you are gluten intolerant or have a gluten sensitivity, is there? At least it was like this for me when my doctor suggested I should try out a gluten-free diet. And as if it weren't bad enough already, it is quite difficult for vegans, especially when out and about.

But "Echt Jetzt" got your back: not only is everything they sell 100% gluten-free, they offer many vegan options as well, including bread, pretzles and cinnamon rolls.

And if you are not able to go all the way to Munich, they also sell their products in some "Landmann´s" organic supermarkets in the region and have an online shop shipping all over Germany and Austria.

Actually, maybe you have already encountered their bread at vegan restaurants throughout Munich, for example at Emmi's Kitchen, Keep Bañana or OmNomNom.

About Echt Jetzt

The location is quite convenient, between the university LMU and the Pinakotheken (museums).

The bakery was smaller than I thought it would be but they had a good selection: different breads, bread rolls, pretzles, cinnamon rolls, apple cinnamon rolls, chocolate bread, banana bread and even granola. I think they are going to offer Christmas cookies as well.

! You can only pay with card, no cash.

My Experience

To be honest I kinda went wild and bought almost everything that was vegan because I didn't know when I'd be in the city again. What I left out were the regular vegan cinnamon rolls and the vegan banana bread. Instead, I got the "Korn an Korn" bread, whole-grain buns, pretzles and apple-cinnamon rolls.

I froze a part of the bread and the pretzles which worked really well. Defrosted they tasted just as good as the fresh ones.


The bread was amazing! It is whole-grain with lots of seeds in it, just the way I like it. I would definitely recommend it even to people who are not gluten-free. (5,90€)

Bread rolls

The bread rolls were very yummy, too! They were not as fluffy as regular ones but the best gluten-free bread rolls I had so far. (1,40€)


The same goes for the pretzels. The consistency was very different to normal ones, but the taste was the same, so they were definitely delicious! (2,10€)