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My Favourite Pasta | Vegeterian Vegan Cafe & Bar Gorey Cafe in Kyoto

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Today I want to write about my absolutely favorite pasta at "Gorey Cafe". It's a small café and bar near Ginkakuji Temple, next to Ginkakuchi-michi bus stop. I really recommend you going there if you are in Kyoto as the food is AMAZING and super inexpensive as well! (*'ω'*) Everything is prepared freshly after you order and the ingredients change with the seasons. Even my non-vegan boyfriend really enjoys the food!

About Gorey Cafe

The cafe is owned by a family with a super cute toddler. They are very friendly and the service is great! Everything is 100% vegetarian and all main dishes are vegan. The vegetables used are from Ōhara, Kyoto. They also have regulary changing art exhibitions on the walls and offer small live events on the second floor frequently. The cafe is small but super cozy.

The menu mostly includes different pasta dishes but also two vegetable curries as well as many drinks. At night they also serve alcohol and light snacks that go with it. Sometimes they offer cake, but they are not always vegan, so it's best to ask the staff about it.


About the Food


The first time I went there, I tried their Spice Mix Curry. It was full of vegetables and full of spices, so yummy! Compared to other curries, it was not creamy which makes it very light and perfect for all seasons, even summer! (๑>◡<๑)

Pasta The next times I tried different pasta dishes but the one I always crave and come back to is their Tomato & Vegetable Pasta!♡

As seasonal Kyoto vegetables are used, the ingredients differ depending on when you go there but every time it tastes sooo amazing! It seriously is the best pasta I ever had in my life! (*´∇`*) The veggies are sautéd with oil and fresh tomatoes are added instead of ready-made sauce, which makes it more like ali olio with lots of veggies. The veggies are well cooked but still have some crisp! ^ - ^ I really want everyone to try this pasta at least once in their life ( ・∇・)

The other pasta I love is the Coriander Green Pasta. It's full of fresh coriander and a vegetable I don't really know what it is but it tastes a bit like fried potato which goes surprisingly well with the dish!

I also tried their pasta made with vegan kimchi which was nice and creamy. But they don't always offer it.

For the pasta are betweeen 700 and 900 yen which is super cheap for vegan food in Japan and although the portions are big already you can have a slightly bigger portion without having to pay extra! (°▽°)


Sometimes I order their Chai Masala which can be made with soy milk. It has a nice sweetness and is a bit creamy which I love! ♡


If you are ever in Kyoto you have to check out Gorey Cafe! ESPECIALLY if you want to try vegetables grown in Kyoto or love pasta!



Opening Times:


Closed on Mondays



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