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Green Wonderland | Vegetable and Strawberry Growing Week 2

Day 8 09.04.2021

Today I got 2 more hanging strawberry plants! They are already pretty big and have lots of blossoms which withered already. On those parts they have tiny tiny green strawberries!

Besides that not much has changed yet.

Day 9 10.04.2021

Omg, the radish is growing!! Finally a few tiny radish plants became visible!

Day 10 11.04.2021

More radish plants sprouted! I’m so happy.

The chili got more buds, the spring onions got taller again and everything else is growing as well, including the bell pepper plants! The hanging strawberries all got more buds and flowers.

Day 11 12.04.2021

Because the soil was still wet, I didn’t water the plants at all. Everything seemed the same as the previous day, except for that the hanging strawberry plants grew even more buds. I can’t wait for strawberries to grow!

Day 12 13.04.2021

Oh no, first weeds sprouted. But I'll weed when they got a bit bigger to get them out more easily.

Day 13 14.04.2021

No watering today as the soil was still wet, probably because it hasn't been sunny at all. And the strawberries are growing new sprouts.

Day 14 15.04.2021

No watering today either. Everything is looking amazing! Especially the leak is growing lot. However, it has some brown spots and I don't know why.

All in all, there was a lot of progress this week and I didn't need to do a lot.


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