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Green Wonderland | Vegetable and Strawberry Growing Week 3

Week 3 of vegetable and strawberry growing in my greenhouse, yay! This week not much happened and most days the chores are the exact same, but I hope you still enjoy looking at the photos and see how everything has been growing.

Day 15, 16.04.2021

Today I watered the plants, besides that nothing noteworthy happened.

Day 16, 17.04.2021

Today, too, everything looked great. I didn’t need to water as everything was still wet from yesterday. The hanging strawberry plants still get more and more blossoms with each day!

Day 17, 18.04.2021

No watering today either. But I think I really really need to do some weeding this week, it got quite a lot around the strawberries.

Day 18, 19.04.2021

Today I watered only a bit.

Day 19, 20.04.2021

The weed grew a lot, so I think it really is time to remove it soon. Maybe tomorrow. And I noticed that the ground-level strawberries finally grew some buds!

Day 20, 21.04.2021

I started to weed a little but not a lot. I noticed that whenever I pull a weed an army of ants appears. I researched a litte and appearently they eat vegetable plants, so it is better to remove them. I definitely do not want to kill them, so I'll look for a way to make them move to somewhere else inside the garden.

Day 21, 22.04.2021

I weeded a little bit more and the group-level strawberry buds grew bigger.


Even though I didn't do anything fancy this week, I still hope you enjoyed seeing the progress. Next week I am going to do more weeding, explore ways how to get rid of ants without hurting them and I am going to get some new plants. So, look forward to that!


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