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Guruatsu, the Muffin and Scone Heaven | Macrobiotic & Vegan

Updated: May 3

In Higashi-Ueno, about 5 min by foot from Ueno station Iriya exit, there is a small café called "Guruatsu". They offer a variety of muffins, scones, cookies and drinks. They also have a daily changing vegetable lunch. You can eat in or do take out!


About their Philosophy

Guruatsu is a vegan and macrobiotic café. Because of that they don't use any dairy products or eggs in their food. Furthermore, they omit things like butter, magerin and shortenings. Instead of white sugar light brown sugar, glucose syrup, beet sugar and maple syrup are used. And last but not least, food coloring and preservatives are not used as well.

Soymilk Scone

A small amount of rapeseed oil and organic soy milk are used. Therefore, the scones contain less calories than regular scones.

Tofu Muffin

Because the muffins are made with tofu and whole grain flour, they are rich in nutrients. They are oil-free and contain organic soy milk.

Vegetable Lunch

You can choose between lunch A, B and C. The only difference between A and B is that if you chose B lunch a small soup will be added. It costs 100 yen more than A.


My Impressions

Vegetable Lunch

I went to Guruatsu twice. The first time my lunch (A) included super delicious croquetts. They were crispy on the outside and super soft and creamy on the inside, just perfect!♡ The croquetts were made with pumpkin and beetroot. I wish I could have them again^^ Other than that there were salad, tofu, pickles, rice and different kinds of vegetables.

The second time I chose A lunch again. It was mostly the same, just a bit different veggies and instead of the croquetts a kind of veggie patty. I really like that the lunches include so many different colorful vegetables!♡

The Muffins

Melon Muffin

The melon muffin was very fluffy and not too sweet. It had a piece of fresh melon on top and a layer of sweet cream underneath. So it was creamy and fruity at the same time, which I enjoyed. I had never seen or thought about a muffin with melon, so I think it is a very creative idea!

Chocolate Muffin

The chocolate muffin was literally the best I EVER had!! The big chocolate pieces inside of it were creamy and had the perfect sweetness, not bitter at all! They reminded me of Milka chocolate which I used to love before going vegan. The rest of the muffin was fluffy and had the perfect consistency.

Chocolate Banana Muffin

I love the combination of chocolate and banana! The muffin was fluffy with chocolate chips and banana chips inside.

The Scones

Cheese Cake Scone

Next was the black cheese cake scone which had carol powder inside. The soy cheese in it was awesome! It really reminded me on cheese and it was super creamy. The scone wasn’t very sweet, it had a slightly salty taste to it which went very well with the cheese. It also was quite filling.

White Chocolate and Matcha Scone

I also tried a scone with white chocolate pieces and matcha powder it. I love how white chocolate and matcha go with each other, so this scone was perfect! And honestly, who doesn't love matcha and white chocolate?

Roasted Green Tea Scone

Last but not least I bought the roasted green tea scone. I love sweets with matcha but never had sweets made from roasted green tea (hōjija) before. I ate it 3 days after I bought it, so it was a little on the dry side. But besides that delicous! I personally prefer the matcha one though.


About the Shop



Opening Times:

weekdays 11:00~16:30

Saturdays 11:00~16:30

closed on Sunday and national holidays



Guruatsu Stand (takeout only)


Opening Times:


closed on Sundays and national holidays


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