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Munich´s Best (Vegan) Pizza | Doctor Drooly

If you are vegan you probably already know that in most Italian restaurants your only option is Pizza Marinara or the vegetarian pizza option minus the cheese. Still good, but not that great, right?

This will never happen at "Doctor Drooly" in Munich! This 100% vegan pizza place near Goetheplatz has your back. They offer lots of mouthwatering, super flavorful pizzas with amazing vegan cheezes, sauces and meat replacements. Even non-vegans rave about this restaurant. I personally would argue that Doctor Drooly does not only have the best vegan pizza, but the best pizza in general! But I guess you should find out for yourself.

At Doctor Drooly you can eat in, do take out or get delivery.

Approaching Doctor Drooly, depending on the time of the day, you might already notice a bunch of people standing in front of the restaurant waiting for their pizza to take out. I would recommend checking out the menu in advance on the homepage to be faster, but in case you didn’t, you can find a copy of the English menu next to the entrance door.

(Old menu! Not up to date anymore)

When entering the first thing you will notice is the rustic atmosphere with unpainted walls and simple furniture, which actually looks super stylish! I think it looks great on instagram pictures.

At first I found ordering a bit tricky because it is was not clear to me where to go, but after entering there is a register on the right hand side hidden next to a fridge with drinks. If you wait there a staff member will soon take your order. In order to avoid confusion when the pizza is ready, they ask for your name and bring it to you once it is done.

There used to be outdoor seating only, but since it is winter now a few indoor seats are available, as well.

About Doctor Drooly

The restaurant was established in 2020, in the midst of the first lockdown and has been a success ever since! There are always customers waiting for their pizzas and they are sold out frequently in the evening. So, better be quick or call ahead to order!

All pizzas are made from fermented dough, which makes them easier to digest. Cool, right? The parmesan is made from cashews and you can also find pizzas with meat replacements like vegan bacon or sausages. Recently they have been working on vegan salami which will hopefully be available soon. I can’t wait to try salami pizza!

Sometimes they offer a limited amount of whole-grain dough, but not always because of limitations in the storage size I believe. Be sure to check their Instagram stories to catch the information early! There they also announce when they are sold out so that you are not disappointed when arriving.

My Experience

I have been to Doctor Drooly already five times I believe and have not been disappointed even once. They change the menu from time to time, so not all pizzas I’m gonna share below are available anymore, but I am going to post them anyways as it is possible to create a pizza choosing from different toppings, so they might serve as inspiration for that.

Miso (old menu)

This was the very first Doctor Drooly pizza I ever had and which got me hooked! It had cheeze, cherry tomatos, chipotle sauce and herbs on. Absolutely perfect!

More Cheeze Please (old menu. similar: Four Cheeze)

Omg this pizza was a dream come true! It was like a margherita, but with three different aromatic cheeses. Heavenly for all cheese lovers!

The new equivalent or it is the Four Cheeze pizza, which even has blue cheese, walnuts and sweet blueberry jam on it. Sounds yum!

Nonno (old menu. similar: Puglia)

This is my favorite pizza so far! The pesto on it is sooo tangy and aromatic, just divine! I can imagine that the new Puglia might be even taster because it combines the pesto with tomatoes, which surely goes really well! Definitely a must try for me!!!

Nasty Boy (old menu)

Guys, this pizza wasn’t called Nasty Boy for nothing! Definitely the hottest pizza of all times and way too hot for me personally. Somehow I managed to eat the whole thing because it was still super delicious, especially the no-bacon which tasted exactly like real bacon, but from the chili oil my mouth and belly were BURNING, no joke!

Potato (current menu)

I really wanted to try this one since the first time I saw it. Love at first sight I would say! I must say these buttery potatoes go surprisingly with pizza. I especially loved the creamy mozzarella and truffle oil on it. It was as superb as I had imagined.

If you are looking for a vegan restaurant which non-vegans will love as well, Doctor Drooly is the place to go! Every person I took there so far is still raving about their pizza. I also like that the pizza cartoons, different to regular ones, are 100% recyclable while looking awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love hot pink pizza cartons, right?? ;)

I would say Doctor Drooly is a restaurant you must not miss when being in Munich, regardless of if you are vegan or not!


Opening Hours:

Monday: 16:00 - 21:00

Wednesday-Friday: 16:00 - 21:00

Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 - 21:00

Closed on Tuesdays


Häberlstraße 7, 80337 München

Nearest Staton: Goetheplatz (U3, U6)

Or about 10 min by foot from Sendlinger Tor

Tel.: 089 51702709


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