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3 Lovely Vegan Breakfast Places in Amsterdam

My mum and I went to visit Amsterdam for a week and I thought why not share some of the amazing vegan food we had there? For this post I am going to stick to some breakfast options I really liked. However, what surprised me was that most vegan cafés seem to offer the same kinds of breakfast: either pancakes or smoothie bowls. Or both. So, these are the foods this post will mostly about.

The first café we went to (and returned to once more because it was so yummy) was Mr. Stacks, which offers the most amazing pancake stacks I ever saw!

Mr. Stacks

Mr. Stacks is completely vegan and has several stores throughout the city. We went to the one close to the metro station DePip, which is near the Albert Cuyp Market and only 15 min by foot from all the most famous museums.

I recommend it especially for brunch as the pancake stacks are super filling and there are savory options, too.

We had to wait outside to get seated, but once I entered what immediately struck my eyes was the fund decor! The café is colorful and has little cute hot-air balloons hanging from the ceiling. Loved that!

The menu includes sweet and savory pancake stacks, so it is also a nice place for lunch. I only tried the sweet ones though as I can’t imagine pancakes savory. I just can’t wrap my head around how they’d taste, so I was kinda afraid of ordering them.

For an additional 2€, they can prepare the pancakes gluten-fee. I wish I had tried the gluten-free version because I am really curious if they would have been as fluffy.

My mum ordered the „Classic Stack“ twice, I chose a different one each time.

My first one was the „Cinnamon Rollercoaster Stack“ with vanilla cream cheese, cinnamon frosting, pecan nuts, cotton candy and fruits and it was divine! The pancakes were perfectly fluffy, really filing and the vanilla cream cheese and frosting were just heavenly.

Next time I chose the „Hazelnut Stack“ which was covered in a hazelnut sauce tasting like Nutella and it also had banana, coconut flakes, almonds, fruits, cotton candy and fruits. It was yummy, too, but a bit too sweet for my taste.

One thing I loved especially was that they also have bubble tea! I never really drank it before because of all the plastic that comes with it, but at Mr. Stacks you can have it in a glass with a paper straw. So cool! I chose one with ceremonial matcha, strawberry sauce and oat milk. It was sooo creamy and yummy! And filling!

The only draw-back to the café is that it is very expensive. So, probably not a place to eat at every morning of your trip. But, as I said, the stacks are very filling so that you might not need a big lunch or lunch at all which saves a bit of money. Anyways, if you like pancakes or boba, you should definitely check it out!


Price Span: 4,00€-16,00€

Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

Address: Govert Flinckstraat 122, 1072 EM Amsterdam, Niederlande



The next café I wanna introduce is Bataat, a nice litte café with (surprise:) pancakes, tofu omelet, croissants and smoothie bowls as well as a breakfast for two which a little bit of everything.


Compared to Mr. Stacks, Bataat is definitely a cheaper option and is good for people who want to have more choices than just pancakes, even though I personally had pancakes again lol. They also offer lunch and cakes!

The portion was not as huge as at Mr. Stacks, but still it was a good portion which made me feel happy and satisfied. It’s a great place if you prefer slightly thinner pancakes. They came with maple syrup, banana and fresh berries.

My mum got the tofu omelette which had a whole-grain bread roll, vegan cheese and some greens on the side.

The coffee was delicious, too!

If you want to try it all, get the breakfast for two.


Price Span: 2,75€-14,50€

Hours: 09:00-17:00

Address: Eerste Oosterparkstraat 73, Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91, 1091 GW Amsterdam, Niederlande



The last place I want to talk about is Rainbowls, were - as the name suggests - the most beautiful and colorful smoothie bowls are created.


These bowls are not only awesome for instagram pictures, they also taste amazing!

And I loved the interior. It was bright, stylish and cute, especially the wall with the menu painted on it which I found very creative.

I had the „Orange Bowl“ with almond milk, oranges, mango, banana, juice and strawberries. It also had some oats as topping.

For a small fee you can choose extra toppings.

For drinks, I has a simple matcha tea and I couldn’t have been happier! While they also sell matcha latte, I rarely see the option of just matcha without any milk or sweetener. It was large and very strong, I enjoyed that at lot!

I recommend Rainbowls if you love colorful and/or healthy food or something for your instagram^^


Price Span: 5,96€-11,50€

Hours: 09:00-15:00

Address: Frans Halsstraat 40, 1072 BS Amsterdam, Niederlande



This concludes the thee fully vegan breakfast places I enjoyed in Amsterdam. I’m sure there are more, but those ones were closest to our hotel and therefore convenient. Please feel free to share if you know any other great vegan breakfast options in Amsterdam♡

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