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Kamakura 24SEKKI ー vegan bakery in Kamakura

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Today I want to introduce「鎌倉24sekki」, a small vegan bakery in Kamakura, Japan.

Because I am German and we eat it every day, I really really love bread! But in Japan it is really hard to find vegan bread because they usually use dairy and eggs in it. Its already been more than two months since I came to Tokyo and I miss bread a lot.

So, when we planed on going to Kamakura, I looked up vegan cafés and restaurants to eat at. I stumbled across 24sekki and saw it was a vegan bakery. As the bread looked delicious I went there with high expectations. When I went there, the bread was even better than I imagined! Not only was it delicious, the bakery is very pretty and the area around is full of nature and therefore beautiful as well. I felt very happy I found this place!

According to their homepage, in the bread at 24sekki they use a yeast called "Kōji mold", cultivated on naturally grown brown rice, is used for fermentation. They don't use any sugar, so fermentation takes up to 20 hours. This is an ancient Japanese way of doing that.

"Gohan pan" and "Amazake kanpanzu" are their original kinds of bread and made from ingredients grown in Japan.

The ingredients they use are 100% vegan. That means they don't use any animal products like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or honey. Therefore vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the food without worries.

They have a huge range of breads, therefore I wasn´t able to try all of them. But the ones I ate were super delicious! I especially recommend their melonpan and cinnamon rolls.

If you click this link, you can see pictures and explanations (unfortunately Japanese only) of all their breads.

The bakery also includes a little café in which you can have a sandwich set (sandwich plus soup) during lunch time.

If you want to eat the bread you bought inside the café, you have to order a drink as well. I personally choose the hot chocolate and it was amazing!

The following link leads you to their menu (Japanese only).

It is not so easy to find 24sekki, but if you follow the instructions on their website (link below) or use Google Maps then you should be just fine. From Kamakura Station it takes about 20min by foot.




Opening days

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (closed on national holidays)

Opening time

bakery 11:00~16:30(café 11:30~LO14:30)


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