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Best Vegan Ice Cream in Munich - Ice Date

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Today I´d like to introduce my favorite ice cream store in Munich - where everything is 100% vegan, organic, sugar-free and gluten-free!

Instead of dairy they use cashew cream and dates instead of sugar. Therefore it is super creamy and has a nice sweetness to it while being very healthy at the same time. So, no need to feel bad ;)

They offer the ice cream in cones as well as little ships made of bamboo and even their spoons are made of bamboo (see picture above), so it is great for the environment too!

They don't have the same flavors every single day, but my absolute favorites are "salty peanut" (tastes like Twix!!), "pumpkin seed" and "almond vanilla". They also have a variety of chocolate ice creams and fruity flavors.

With 2,20€ for one flavor it is not the cheapest ice cream but considering the awesome ingredients as well as the size it really is a reasonable price if in my opinion. And they always let you try one additional flavor for free!

I really recommend checking them out, no matter if you are vegan or not.

If you got curious and want to visit:

The the store is called "Ice Date" and is located close to the subway station "Universität".

Address: Amalienstraße 91, 80799 München

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