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Escape from the stressful city life at the fower tea house

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Have you ever been tired of being surrounded by busy streets, tall buildings and loud commercials in Tokyo and just wanted to escape into the nature a little bit?

Or do you want to escape from your stressful every day life into another world?

If so, wouldn't it be like a dream to drink tea and eat sweets surrounded by beautiful, colorful flowers?

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

The Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is the perfect place to get a break from the city life and immerse yourself into a beautiful world full of flowers.

In this post I am going introduce their main store which is in Minami-Aoyama (close to Omotesando Statiom, exit A4), but other branches can be found in Kichijoji and Akasaka. Please be aware that the menu and opening times might differ depending on which store you choose.

When you enter, you will find yourself in a normal Aoyama flower shop full of stunning, colorful flowers. However if you cross the room you will find the entrance to the tea house.

The tea house itself is decorated with flowers and plants as well, which creates a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. It was desined as a greenhouse with a changing selection of flowers depending on the season. Therefore I recommend going their several times a year in order to enjoy all the flowers and take different pictures for your instagram ;) I personally have been there only once yet but I will definitely revisit to see see how it changed.

However, as there are many people I found it difficult to take a picture without having strangers in it.

Their menu includes teas (825¥), french toast (1100¥) and a parfait (935¥). On their websites it says that menu and prices can very by store, so please confirm beforehand.

As I am vegan I only ordered their tea called "Kimono". It came in a little see-through teapot with colorful flower petals inside. It had a nice floral smell and tasted very good as well.

My boyfriend ordered french toast, which looked amazing and seemed to be very delicious.

If you want to visit the tea house, I recommend going there on a weekday, as early as possible because the café tends to be crowded with an extremely long line.

What I love:

- beautiful

- relaxed atmosphere

- delicious tea

- great service

- seasonally changing flowers


- food and drinks are a bit pricy

- you might need to wait in line very long

- if you want to take photos, probably other people will be in it as it's crowded

- no vegan options besides tea




5-1-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Opening times



Sunday, holiday


Lunch time (only Monday to Friday)



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