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Lovely Cafe for Tea Lovers in Munich | Vegan Teahouse "Tushita Teehaus"

Tushita Teehaus is THE place in Munich to visit for all tea-lovers! Not only do they offer an enormous variety of delicious teas served in their traditional ways, you can also enjoy vegan breakfast, lunch or cakes alongside with them.

About the tea house

Established in 2008 and located near the subway station Fraunhofer Straße, Tushita has been the perfect place to buy various high-quality teas from Japan, China, India and other countries.

The cozy and mostly wooden interior reminds a bit of traditional Japanese cafes, especially the back-part of the room. The counter features mouth-watering cakes and the walls are decorated with beautiful tea things. When the weather is warm you can sit outiside in front of the tea house as well.

About the tea

The special thing about Tushita is that all teas are brewed and served in their traditional ways and in order to enhance the taste the tea it comes in the adequate tea service. When choosing one of the numerous and wonderful teas, the menu states how many times each one can be re-brewed. For that it comes with a can of hot water so that you are able to re-brew it yourself and get more out of the tea of your choice.

The menu clearly states the kinds of tea and the country they are from as well as their compositions, which makes it slightly easier to choose (it is still hard to decide because there are just so many teas which sound amazing). They have green teas from Japan, Korea and China, Indian chai teas, herbal teas, roiboosh teas, Chinese TCM teas and more!

By the way, all teas as well as traditional tea-things can be purchased at the teahouse or ordered online.

About the food


Aligned with Chinese traditional medicine, Tushita offers a breakfast of warm millet with different sides like fruits, nuts or seeds each morning.

Or if you fancy a cold breakfast, opt for their gluten-free home-made granola, served with berries and yoghurt.


The daily lunch bowl varies on the day and you can choose between a small and a large portion. According to their website it partly depends on the weather - on cold days it is warming, on hot days cooling etc. - which I find wonderful and unique! All ingredients are organic, sometimes even demeter.


Or how about some gluten- and sugar-free cake? If you think "nah, sugar-free is not for me", Tushita's delectable sweets will change your mind! Here, too, the selection varies from day to day but in general the cake counter has everything from sponge cake to traybake, cookies and cheesecake.


Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 11:30 - 20:00

Closed on Sundays and national holidays


Klenzestraße 53

80469 München



Tel.: 089 18975594



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