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Rilakkuma Sabo - Rilakkuma Café Arashiyama, Kyoto

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

This time I am going to introduce the Arashiyama Rilakkuma Tea House in Kyoto, Japan.

It's a Rilakkuma-themed café located about 10 min by foot from JR Arashiyama station. It also includes a shop with Rilakkuma goods you can find there only as they are Kyoto-themed. The food and interior are Kyoto-themed as well which makes it a very photogenic place.

But first of all, if you have never heard about it you might wonder what is Rilakkuma? Rilakkuma is a charakter from the Japanese brand San-X and looks like cute brown bear. Other characters belonging to it are a white bear called Korilakkuma and a duck called Kiroitori.

"Rila" is a short version of "rilakkusu" which is Japanese for "relax". "kuma"stands for bear and "kokuma" is a baby bear, so "korilakkuma" therefore is a small Rilakkuma I guess. Furthermore "kiroi" is the Japanese word for yellow and "tori" for bird, so Kiroitori is a yellow bird.

The café is full of these three characters and even the food looks like them. They serve both savory food and desserts. In my opinion it looks too cute to eat, but therefore it is great for photos!

You can have a look at their menu here.

As I am vegan I personally only ordered their matcha but it was very good. It came with a small piece of Japanese sweets.

If you like cute characters, I really recommend that café! However, I recommend going in the morning as you might have to wait in line otherwise.



Cafe 10:30~17:30 

Takeout 10:00~17:30

Shop 10:00~18:00



15 Sagatenryuji Kitatsukurimichicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8374, Japan

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