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vegan almond hazelnut muffins


· 250g spelt flour (whole grain)

· 200g brown sugar 

· 100g grounded almonds

· 50g grounded hazelnuts

· 1 package of baking soda 

· 250ml soy milk vanilla 

· 120ml canola oil

· 50g vegan bitter chocolate and hazelnut brittles for decoration (optional)



First, pre-heat your oven on 180°C. Then take a muffin tray and fill the molds with paper forms. If you'd like to prevent waste, simply use silicon forms instead of paper.

Mix all the dry ingredients together really well in a big bowl. Mix the vanilla soy milk with the oil in a separate bowl, then add it to the dry ingredients and mix everything with a stirring device until the batter is smooth.  Now fill the batter evenly into your paper or silicon forms and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes. After that, take a thin wooden stick, stick it into one of the muffins and see if batter sicks to it. If not, they are ready. 

If you want to add chocolate, simply melt it in a small pot on top of a bigger pot with boiling water and add it on top of the cold muffins. You can also decorate it with hazelnut brittles if you wish. 



· 293.6 kcal

· 5.5g protein

· 30.2g  carbs

· 17.3g  fat 

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