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100% Vegan and Gluten-free Japanese Sweets in Tokyo | Wa no Kashi Meguri

Updated: Apr 14

dorayaki in a package

Wa no kashi meguri is a small Japanese-style confectionary shop near Yoyogi Uehara Station (Tokyo), where everything is 100% vegan, and even gluten-free as well as organic. Furthermnore, they don´t use any white sugar and use ingredients that prevent spiekes in blood sugar and promote circulation.

signboard about wa no kashi meguri written in English

You can also order some of their sweets online.

About Wa no Kashi Meguri

They have vegan dorayaki which are usually kinda hard to come accross, fuku meguri daifuku, shikakui meguri (similar to cookies), chocolate balls filled with anko (sweet bean paste) and ice candy. Depending on the season, the fillings are different, so there is always a new flavour to discover!

storefront of wa no kashi Heguri

You can do take out or eat in.

interior of the cafe

And can also buy some other vegan stuff there like food items or recipe books which is pretty nice.

interior of the cafe

interior of the cafe

The fuku meguri daifuku are made from brown rice, millet and beans, which makes them pretty healthy. They are filled anko and there are two kinds: tsubu an (coarse sweet bean paste) or namerakana an (smooth red bean paste). The azuki beans for the paste and black beans in the mochi-part are organic and stem from Hokkaido.

The dorayaki are made from chickpea flour, brown rice flour and rice flour, so they are completely gluten-free and rich in protein. They are sweetened with agave sirup only and there are diffrent flavors: ones with just anko, matcha anko, black sesame anko and seasonal flavours.

The shikakui meguri are baked sweets made from omega-3-rich wild sesame powder which was drained from fat so that the oxidation is stopped, coconut oil and cashew nuts.

There are also little balles called "emi goboreru an" (literally: "sweet bean paste covered with a smile"). The core of the ball is an original, smooth anko from this store and it is covered with raw chocolate consisting of cacao mass, apple sauce and Cointreau (a kind of liquor).

The ice candy also is made from anko and agave sirup which makes it rich in fiber. It is perfect for a hot summer day!

interior of the cafe

They also have other things depending on the season.

My Thoughts

I went there specifically for their dorayaki, because I had never seen vegan dorayaki before and really wanted to try them! I got two different ones: one with pumpkin filling and one with apple and cinnamon filling as it was autumn when I went there. I really wanted to try a plain dorayaki with just anko, too, becasue I had never eaten one before and it would have been nice to compare the other flavours to it, but I guess they had run out of them that day. Maybe next time I have more luck! I also got one daifuku with kiwi because fruit flavours are often not vegan at other shops.

I was surprised by the price for just those three items were (around 2000¥), but I think considering the high quality ingredients it is a fair amount.

Dorayaki with Pumpkin Filling

This goes for both dorayaki, but the dough was really fluffy and kinda buttery which tasted so good! Much better than the dough of the dorayaki I had at Kawa Kitchen a week afterwards. The filling was good, too, but tasted a bit too much like pumpkin for my taste.


Dorayaki with Apple and Cinnamon Filling

The apple cinnamon filling was so good! It was sweet and the perfect combination for fall. It reminded me on the German dish "Apfelküchlein" (Apple slices baked in pancake dough and sprinkled with cinnamon) which felt nostalgic.


Daifuku with Kiwi

Daifuku with Kiwi

The daifuku was extremely soft and the sweetness came from the kiwi. It had a whole kiwi inside which was really nice. However, I think I should have eaten it right after I bought it becasue the kiwi became pretty mushy and super ripe.

Daifuku with Kiwi

All in all, if you want to try vegan or/and gluten-free dorayaki or want to be 100% sure that the Japanese sweets you get are really vegan (many contain white sugar which many vegans in Japan avoid due to how it´s processed), this is the place to go! You could bring them to Yoyogi Park and enjoy while doing hanami or just relaxing there.




Price span:

400¥ - 1000¥

Openig hours:

Wednesday - Saturday: 12:00 - 18:00

Sunday: 11:30 - 18:00

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays


3 Chome-2-1 Uehara, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0064, Japan


Online store (Japanese):





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