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Amazing Vegan Cheese & Cafe in Munich | OM NOM NOM

Located in the building of a former butcher in Munich, OM NOM NOM not only offers a variety of the best vegan cheeses selected from small manufactures all over Europe, the cafe also enchants with hearty lunches and lovely cakes. Everything is 100% vegan. I truly believe that this store can convert cheese lovers who can’t give it up to go fully vegan after all.


Different to most vegan cheeses available at supermarkets, the ones sold at OM NOM NOM are real matured cheeses, just made from plant-based alternatives like for example cashews. You can find everything from creamy mozzarella to tender camembert or hearty blue mold cheese. Their cheese counter includes more than 30 kinds of carefully selected vegan cheeses and new ones come in regularly.

If you are unsure which cheese to choose, the friendly staff will advise you. Or why not pre-order their Vegan Cheeze Tasting Box where you can try 10 different kinds of cheese for 20€ on their website? If you order before 9am, you can pick it up the same day.

OM NOM NOM offers varying specials like brunch boxes, cheeze boxes or valentine boxes. Be sure to check out their Instagram to not miss them. It is also possible to buy freshly blent nut butter. If you want to go zero-waste, just bring your own jar for it. There is a different kind every day, so check their Instagram in advance.

Of course this wouldn’t be a cafe if there were no meals, sweets and drinks as well.


If you are an early bird and want some breakfast, I recommend you trying their buttery croissants. Or what about a cinnamon roll or açai bowl with some coffee or hot chocolate on the side?

If you want something hearty, you can order their Grilled Cheeze Sandwich with 3 kinds of cheese, the BLT Sandwich or creamy Mac and Cheeze.

If you want to try different kinds of cheese without having to order the taste box, I recommend ordering the Nom Nom Brotzeit.


OM NOM NOM has a good selection of different types of coffee and lattes (hot and cold ones) as well as some tea, water or juice.

You can eat in or do take-out, but either way you need to order and pay at the counter first. The staff will bring you your food and drink to the table once it’s made.

The menu is in German, but the staff speaks English as well and maybe they have an English menu if you ask, but I’m no entirely sure.

My Experience

Nom Nom Brotzeit

„Brotzeit“ is German and means a meal consisting of bread, cold cuts, spreads and cheese etc.

My mum and I ordered the Nom Nom Brotzeit at our first time at OM NOM NOM because we wanted to try different kinds of cheese. With a price of 24,90€ this dish is not cheep at all, but the amount was enough to fill two peoples tummies.

The food came on a two-storied étagère. The top one featured four kinds of cheese which were explained in detail by the kind staff.

The other stories included crackers, one vegan Landjäger-sausage, grapes, antipasti, nuts, cherrie tomatos and sweet fig mustard. Additionally 2 slices of bread were served.

I really enjoyed trying all these different kinds of vegan cheese, as I never had something like that before. They looked and tasted like dairy cheese and I believe they are perfect for everyone, including non-vegans. I only wished that there was more bread or crackers as it was barely just enough for all that cheese.

Mac and Cheeze

I tried this the second time I went to the cafe. It was the first time I ever had any mac and cheese in my life, so I can‘t really compare it to non-vegan or even other vegan ones, but I liked it a lot! It was not as cheesy as I expected it to be but super rich, creamy and delicious! I especially enjoyed the crispy roast onion on top. For a small extra fee it is possible to add on broccoli or truffles.


As I at the time was full from the Nom Nom Brotzeit I took the croissants for take-away to eat it at home. They were wonderfully fluffy and buttery, just perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Hot Chocolate

What is better than yummy hot chocolate on a rainy day? The one at OM NOM NOM was super creamy and chocolatey but not that sweet. Just perfect!


So, if you are vegan or dairy intolerant and miss the taste of cheese or if you are interested in going vegan but are reluctant because you love the taste of cheese too much, you really should check out this amazing place!


Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00 (warm food available until 15:00)

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Address: Oberländerstraße 24a, 81371 München


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