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Amazing Vegan Tempura, Curry & More in Asakusa | Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa

Marugoto Vegan is a small and cozy 100% vegan restaurant near Asakusa, where everything is gluten-free, sugar free, free of additives and cooked without the five pungent roots.

Lunchplate with curry, soy karate, brown rice, tempura, salt

All the staff working there is vegan and super friendly. The restaurant is super cozy and beautiful. The large window invites a lot of sunlight and the wooden furniture gives the place a cozy and natural vibe.

picture of the outside of marugoto vegan

About Marugoto Vegan

sign which says all vegan and gluten free


Marugoto Vegan is THE place to go if you want to have delicious, vegan tempura! They also offer different curries, salad, fried tempeh and yummy sweets!

bilingual handwritten menu

If you can't deiced what main dish to get, their lunch plate has you covered. With it you get a little bit of everything: salad, curry, karaage, tempura and rice.


For curries, they have a plain curry as well as curry with fried soy meat, tempeh, karaage or avocado. It comes with multi grain rice and you can choose if you want a normal or large size and if you want salad on the side.


They also have fried tempeh and salad.




If you want something sweet, you should try their waffles! They come in two flavours: vanilla or chocolate and you can have them plain or with yummy ice cream! Ice cream flavors are soy milk matcha and kurogoma (black sesame).


You can also have sweet potato donuts made from sweet potato and sweet potato starch only.


The chocolate banana waffle looked super delicious as well!



For drinks you can have beer, coffee, roibos tea, juices, cola or juice with plant milk. And they have a craft cola ice cream float!


Online Shop

Marugoto Vegan also has an online store where you can buy tempeh, sweets, ice cream and more!

My Thoughts

Lunch Plate

The lunch plate is amazing if you want to try a little bit of everything. It comes with salad, brown rice, soy nuggets, vegetable tempura and some curry.

lunch plate

The salad was brought out first and was made with greens and seasonal veggies and had a delicious dressing.


The karaage consisted of soft soy meat with a crispy crust from frying. It came with some mayonaise on it and was pretty good!

close up lunch plate

The plate comes with five pieces of tempura: broccoli, mushroom, pumpkin, sweet potato and aubergine. It is fried in kokonut oil which makes it a bit healthier than regrular tempura. There was some salt to dip the tempura in.

close up lunch plate

The curry was super yummy as well! It has a strong curry taste but feels light at the same time. I think next time I go there I will choose just curry with tempura toppings!

close up lunch plate

Waffles with Ice Cream

For dessert I wanted to try the waffles because I don't see vegan ones often. I chose the chocolate one with soy ice cream on top. The ice cream was super creamy and tasted slightly like vanilla. It went perfectly witht the crispy and not too sweet waffle.

waffle topped with ice cream on a colorful plate

It came with maple syrup on the side to pour over the dessert. Perfect!

waffle topped with ice cream on a colorful plate


Price span:

300¥ - 2200¥

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 11:30 - 15:00

Saturday, Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00


1 Chome-3-3 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0033, Japan


Online Store:



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