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Vegan Burgers in Shinjuku? Check out Great Lakes Tokyo

About Great Lakes Tokyo

One vegan restaurant in Tokyo I had been wanting to visit for a long time is Great Lakes Tokyo, a small but nice American style burger place conveniently located near Takadanobaba Station (6-7 min walk from there). You can either eat in or do take out. Even though it is located on the main street in front of the station, better use google maps as it is a little bit tucked away in a small side street behind another building.

The menu contains 3 different kinds of burgers and 3 kinds of side dishes (fries, chips or tater tots), nevertheless it was really difficult to decide which burger to try because they all looked and sounded so delicious! You can also choose if you want the burger with or without vegan cheese and single or double.

You can order just a burger or choose between 4 sets:

  • Set A contains a burger of choice and a side dish OR soft drink of choice.

  • With set B you can add a side dish AND a soft drink.

  • With set C or D you can have beer instead of a soft drink.

For dessert they offer vegan milk shakes which I definitely want to try next time!


My Experience

I sat at the counter seat, and it was super interesting to see how they made everything freshly as the orders came in. Still, the food was ready within just 10 minutes or so.

This time, I had the Michigan Burger with a side of fries and rosemary lemonade as a drink. The bread was nice and soft and the patty´s consistency was (as far as I remember because I ´ve been vegan for so long) just like a regular burger patty. The burger also had a lot of sauce on it which was great. I love how juicy the burger was.

The fries were on the softer and thiner side which I personally prefere anyways. They were so good, I didn ´t even need any dip!

The lemonade was yummy as well, even though it didn ´t really taste like rosemary to me.

All in all, I really enjoyed the burger and definitely want to come back soon for a milkshake!



Price range:

500¥ - 2500¥

Opening hours:

11:30 - 20:00, last order 19:30 (closed on Mondays)


A区画, 第一キャラット河俣 1階, 3 Chome-27-4 Nishiwaseda, Tokyo 169-0051, Japan





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