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KOMEDA is □ Plant Based Kissa | New Vegan Cafe in Ginza

If you have been to Japan, you probably have noticed the chain "Komeda Coffee". I myself have been there quite a few times. Besides normal coffee they have really fancy ones as well, for example with jelly and cream inside. Other than drinks they offer a huge variety of foods. Their vegan options however were always limited to soy milk latte and juice which is quite inconvenient when after being there for a long time with your friend you are starving as it happened quite a few times to me.

Besides having so few vegan options, a miracle happened: On 15. of July they opened a fully plant based cafe in Higashi-Ginza, Tokyo!

KOMEDA is Plant Based Kissa

The name is simply read as "Komeda is" and inside the little box you can enter really any word you want, for example "relaxing", "delicious" etc.

Right on the day it opened, my friend invited me to check it out with her. It was a little bit difficult to find as it is inside another building. But once we found it, I was stunned: it was much bigger than expected! Surprisingly we didn't have to wait long to get in and got a nice table in the corner, right next to the window. I was very pleased with it as other customers were sitting relatively far away so that it allowed us to social distance.

How I mentioned earlier, the cafe is quite spacious and very bright thanks to the huge windows and light colors. The whole cafe is decorated with (fake) plants which gives it such a nice, relaxing atmosphere! ♡

According to the website, the interior is made from mostly recycled materials which I think makes this cafe quite sustainable. For example the trees in the store are made of old wood which has been used as handling platforms for logistics before. The floor is made from glass that consists of crushed old glass bottles and natural materials. The lamps also are made from reused glass.

Each table has a small touch screen where you choose your drinks and foods. You can choose between a few languages, so don't worry if you can't read Japanese! There also are photos of every item.

They have such a huge variety, it was so hard to choose! They have everything from black coffee to latte or creamy coffees and hot chocolate as well as juices and even alcohol. As it comes to food they offer toast for breakfast, other sweets like pancakes or cake, proper meals like burgers, pasta, fried soy meats and salad as well as sandwiches for snack. If you drink alcohol they even have small dishes to go with it. Seriously, this cafe is so awesome!

Click here for the menu:


Drink and Food I Tried

Jelyco Almondmilk 700¥

I've always wanted to try this kind of drink, but I never saw a vegan version anywhere. "Komeda Is" made my dream come true!

The Jelyco Almondmilk drink is basically iced almond milk latte with jelly on the bottom and vegan cream on top. It is sweet and super creamy! The jelly is soft and refreshing and makes you feel quite full, so this drink is perfect for a nice sweet afternoon treat (๑>◡<๑)

What I liked a lot was that it came with a straw made from sugar cane fiber instead of plastic!

Mochiri Matcha 1180¥

Next, I tried the Mochiri Matcha pancake. It was thicker than usual pancakes and had more of a cake-like consistency to it, but it was super fluffy! The pancake its-self was not sweet at all. As its deep green color indicates, it had a strong matcha taste. The pancake was served with a small amount of anko (sweet red bean paste) and cream, as well as very sweet matcha syrup, which all went so perfectly with the pancake! ♡

As all of the different pancakes, it is made from rice flour, but according to the allergen list they do contain wheat flour as well. So, if you are gluten-free this dish might not be for you.


I am very happy about Komeda Coffee creating a fully vegan cafe and I hope they will incooperate some of the vegan drinks and foods into their regular branches as well.

For me, Komeda is [delicous][comfortable][future-oriented]

If you went there, let me know in the comments what Komeda is for you^^



Opening Times:

Monday - Sunday 7:00-23:00




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