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Authentic & Vegan Pizza in Tokyo | Pizza Marumo

Updated: May 14

If you are ever craving good, authentic Italian pizza in Tokyo, Pizza Marumo in Ebisu is the place to go! With four delicious vegan pizza options and some vegan appetizers, it is the perfect restaurant to go with friends and spend an evening in an Italian atmosphere.


About Pizza Marumo


Pizza Marumo is a stylish and authentic Italian restaurant in Ebisu. As it is hidden in a side street, it is a bit difficult to find, but absolutely worth a visit!

The restaurant exists since 1921 and aims to connect people through food. Their pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven at 500°C for just one minute.

The pizza dough used at Pizza Marumo is made freshly on a daily basis and depending on the humidity on that day, they change the amount of each ingredients ever so slightly in order to prepare the best pizza possible. The dough is made from flour, water, salt and yeast and ferments for at least 24 hours in order tho create the perfect texture and make it more easily digestable.

You can have a look at the entire menu on their website here.

Vegan Options

There are several vegan options marked on the menu, but if you ask, they can actually customize some other dishes as well!

First, let’s have a look at the appetizers. While none is marked as vegan, the following ones can be customized on request:

  • Cauliflower in the fire wood oven

  • Potato cacio e pepe (they can switch the cheese to a vegan one)

  • Roasted vegetables in fire oven


For pizza, the menu includes the following options:

  • Vegan margarita

  • Vegan margarita, marinara half and half

  • Vegan margarita with vegan meat, garlic and mushroom


For dessert, on request they can prepare a vegan dessert pizza topped with fruits and nuts.


My Thoughts

I went there for dinner with friends on my birthday and we ordered almost all of the vegan-friendly dishes and shared them!

Potato Cacio e Pepe

The potato cacio e peppe is basically potato roasted in the oven with rosemary and scalloped with cheese, but how I mentioned earlier, they can switch it to vegan cheese. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside which was really delicious and the perfect start of the meal!

scalloped potatoes

Roasted Vegetables in Fire Oven

Next we had the roasted vegetables. The plate included lots of different kinds: carrots, turnips, kale, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, aubergine, asparagus, lotus root, corn and sugar pea. They were still crispy roast aroma added a smokey note. Yum!

roasted vegetables

Vegan Margarita

The vegan margarita was sooo delicious! For all pizzas in general, the dough was super thin and had perfectly crispy edges. The tomato sauce on this pizza was very rich and the vegan cheese was nicely melted.


Vegan Margarita with Vegan Meat, Garlic and Mushroom

This pizza was the same as the margarita, but the garlic and soy meat made it even more delicious! I personally don’t eat mushrooms and the staff was kind enough to put them only on one half of the pizza which my friends ate.


Dessert Pizza

They made us a vegan dessert pizza on request which was amazing! The dough itself was the regular pizza dough, but it came with lots of strawberries, almonds, pistachios, powdered sugar as well as a sweet and salty balsamic sauce. The pizza base I believe was a strawberry sauce.


All in all, every dish was super delicious and the staff was very helpful with veganizing the food. They know what vegan means, so you don’t have to worry. It is the perfect place to go with non-vegan friends as there are options for everyone.



Store Information

Price span:


Opening hours:

Thursday - Tuesday:



Closed on Wednesdays


〒150-0022 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisuminami, 1 Chome−11−13 恵比寿ヴェルソービル 1階






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