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Amazing Vegan Bakery in Azabu-juban, Tokyo | Te Cor Gentil

Updated: May 3

One of the many vegan bakeries in Tokyo you have to check out is Te cor gentil in Azabu-juban as they have the most amazing selection both sweet and savory croissants, melon pan, sandwiches and more!

counter with bread

In Japan, bakeries typically sell lots of amazing breads with sweet or savory fillings, which I had never seen in Germany. Unfortunately, they are usually made with dairy and egg - very sad for me as a vegan!

So, when I saw someone post about Te cor gentil on Instagram, I knew I had to check it out because I had never seen vegan versions of the mouth watering pastries they sold.

counter with bread

I already went there twice and both times ended up buying a LOT, because everything looked way too delicious to resist!

counter with bread

About Te cor gentil


Te cor gentil was open in October 2022 and is a 100% vegan bakery, so vegans and people with lactose intolerance or egg allergy can enjoy their bread with ease (unfortunaltely not suitable for celiacs or people with gluten sensitivities). The bakery is located about three minutes form Azabu-juban Station.

Through that, Te for gentil strives to contribute to a ethical world with less suffering animals and more environmentally friendly food choices.

According to their Instagram, the name „Tecorgentil“ is a coined word that contains the French words terre (earth), corps (body) and gentil (gentle), meaning „kind to the earth and animals, kind to our bodies“.

Make sure to regularly check their Instagram account, as they often do one or two day specials you don’t want to miss!

As the bakery is quite small, there is no eat-in space. However, there is a small bench in front of the store where you can eat or you enjoy the pastries in a park near-by.

My Thoughts

plate with four different croissants and a nut danish on

How you will notice in this list, I tried lots of their croissants because they have lots of unusual and super yummy filings. In Germany, there are usually only plain croissants and ones with chocolate or vanilla cream filling, so I was stoked to see other options.

counter with filled croissants

Plain Croissant

When I went to Te cor gentil for the first time, I bought their plain croissant as I didn’t see the filled ones which are in a separate counter on the left with cooling. The croissant was smaller than the ones I am used to, but it was crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and had a buttery taste which was very delicious.

plain croissant

Croissant filled with matcha butter and daifuku

The second time I went to the bakery was for one of their specials: a croissant filled with matcha butter, anko and daifuku! I lined up for it about 30 minutes in the rain and it was definitely worth the trouble. The matcha butter had an intense matcha taste, but the sweet anko (sweet bean paste) balanced out the bitterness. The soft daifuku added an interesting texture to the mix and went very well with the crispy croissant.

croissant filled with matcha butter and daifuku

Croissant filled with fruits

Another croissant I bought at the same day was one filled with cream and fruits, similar to fruit sandwiches. The sweet fruits and creamy whipped cream were very yummy, as well! I definitely recommend this combination.

croissant filled with fruits and cream

Croissant filled with kinako and shiratama

As I love mochi, of course I had to get a croissant filled with shiratama (small, round mochi, kinda like dango) and kinako (soy bean powder) cream filling.

croissant filled with kinako cream, dango, black beans

Savory croissant filled with tomato, vegan ham and cheese

This savory croissant was amazing as well! It had a filling of tomato, vegan ham, basil and cheese, and was scalloped with cheese as well. Te cor gentil’s vegan cheese is the best I ever tasted and the only one I know that really melts like real cheese, so I definitely recommend this croissant (and their ohter foods with cheese)!

savory croissant with vegan meat, cheese, tomatoes and greens

Potato pizza

Talking about vegan cheese, the pizza I tried there was perfect as well! The one I chose was with potato and pesto, already a great combination. But the cheese is what made it so heavenly! It melted just like dairy cheese which I had never experienced before and even tasted like it!

pizza with potato, greens, cheese

Coconut melonpan

I love melonpan, so I can’t resist a vegan version when I see one. The one I tried was with coconut and super fluffy on the inside as well as crispy on the outside. Just perfect!


Braided nut danish

The braided nut danish was super crispy and made with nuts and some matcha I believe. It tasted savory and sweet at the same time which made it a great snack.

braided nut danish

Butter anpan

I absolutely love butter anpan (bread with butter and anko) and this one was sooo delicious! The bread was slightly salty, which went perfectly with the sweet anko and creamy butter.

bread filled with anko and butter


Store Information

Price span:

300¥ - 800¥

Opening hours:

10:00 - 18:00

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays


2 Chome-18-8 Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045





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