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Café for All-Vegan Parfaits In Kyoto | Gion Irizersaryo

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you read my article about Mumokuteki Cafe, I'm sure you already know how much I love parfaits. It is not easy to find vegan ones, even in Japan where parfaits seem to be offered literally everywhere. Therefore I am really happy that a all vegan parfait place opened up in Gion (Kyoto), near Yasaka-jinja Shrine!

Gion Irizersaryo

"Gion Irizersaryo" is a cute little café selling 100% vegan, dairy-free parfaits. They have six different normal-sized, pretty big parfaits (1200¥) and four different mini-parfaits with fruit (800¥).

The normal-sized ones consist of granola, nuts, cream and anko (read bean paste) on the bottom, soft-serve and different toppings. The mini parfaits consist of just soft serve topped with berries or fruits and syrup.

The interior is quite cute as well! Everything is very bright and thanks to mirrors on the right side wall the café seems bigger than it actually is. All furniture is wooden.


My Impressions

I went to "Gion Irizersaryo" twice because I liked it so much. The first time I had the chocolate one and the second time one with berries, both regular size ones.

Rich Chocolate

As I love chocolate, I had to try this one! The soft serve, covered in chocolate sauce, was sooo delicious! It was a bit firmer than regular soft serve, but had a creamy texture with a nutty, a little bit vanilla like flavor. The chocolate sauce was just as heavenly as regular one. After I dug my way downwards I reached the thick, sweet jelly-like anko (sweet bean paste) and some thick cream which was sooo good! On the very bottom there was granola which gave a nice crispy finish. All the textures and flavors went so well with each other, just perfect! The size was just right too, neighter too big nor too small.

Crémet d'Anjou & Mix berries

This parfait was so cute! Instead of syrup on top, it had pretty little red and green sprinkles which tasted like they might be made out of dried strawberry and pistaccio. Underneath the soft serve everything was basically the same as in the chocolate parfait except for that it also had delicious mixed berries with a sweet berry syrup as well. Normally I'm not a huge fan of ice cream with berries but this parfait was wonderful!


So, all parfait-fans out there, definetly go check it out when you're in Kyoto! (^_–)/



Opening Times:

10:00 - 16:30

closed on Thursdays (check SNS!!)




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