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Must Visit Vegan Cafe in Kyoto | Mumokuteki Cafe & Foods

Today I'm going to share one of my absolutely favorite cafes in Kyoto to which I have been several times:

"Mumokuteki Cafe & Foods"

Not only do they offer lunch plates, dinner sets, sandwiches, curry, ramen, soups, and more. They also offer a huge variety of lovely desserts! A bonus: this cafe even is children friendly as they offer special food sets for them and have a corner with toys.

Located near Nishiki-Market, in a street with many other kinda hip shops, Mumokuteki Cafe & Foods is easily accessable.

The cafe is located upstairs, inside "Mumokuteki Goods & Wear, which sells sustainable items and clothes. The building also includes Mumokuteki Antique & Repair as well as a section with organic foods next to the cafe.

I found it really interesting to see all these really cool items and was inspecially intruiged with the organic food store where I bought some vegan instant ramen and curry. However, compared to organic supermarkets in Germany it was CRAZY expensive! (T_T)

As I mentioned earlier, the cafe is upstairs. When you have climbed up the stairs, the staff will give you a number and ask you to wait in the waiting area downstairs if the cafe is already full. In my experience however waiting doesn't take too long. The longest I waited was maybe about 10 minutes or so.

The cafe is quite spacious with relatively big tables. If you're lucky you can sit at the counter seats at the window and see some beautiful plants ♡ The interior is stylish and quite bright and includes a lot of wooden furniture which I love!

Honestly, the food is not the cheapest but sooo with it! The portions are very big and satisfying. Depending on if you are there for lunch or dinner, the menu will vary slightely.


Have a look at the menu online here:


Foods I have tried:

Miso Potage (set) 900¥

This soup was very thick and creamy and just sooo delicious! It was super flavorful and had a slight miso taste. The set came with two small bread rolls which were nice and fluffy and a fresh salad. I got surprisingly full, probably the soup alone would have been already enough satisfied me.

Mumokuteki Lunchplate (karaage) 1500¥

The lunch plate came with rice, different small vegetable dishes and super soft and crispy soy karaage and soup on the side. Everything looked so yummy, I didn't know where to start! I loved the karaage the most, but everything was delicious. The plate includes a tiny bowl with a sweet tofu dish which I mistook for mayo - so be careful not to make the same mistake as me lol

Actually, the plate didn't look too big, but it was! I couldn't even finish everything, so the money definitely is worth it!

Potato fries 600¥

The fries come with ketchup on the side are very crispy and delicious! But they are not really different from the fries you get at regular reataurants, so they seem pretty expensive to me.

Soy Milkshakes

The soy milkshakes at Mumokuteki Cafe are AMAZING! Sooo thick, creamy and delicious even though they are - as all their desserts - sugar-free. Fun fact: they are so thick, they come with a spoon instead of a straw. Also, they are super big!

  • Soymilk Chocolate Shake 700¥

The chocolate one very chocolately, just as I had imagined and had small cashew pieces inside.

  • Soymilk Strawberry Shake 700¥

The strawberry shake was just as thick and creamy and had a nice strong strawberry flavour. Great if you want a refreshing but dessert-like drink!

Green Tea Parfait 950¥

You can choose between Matcha and Hōjicha flavor. I chose the matcha one. This parfait didn't look very big, but it was in fact super filling! Delicious soft serve surrounded by matcha flavored squares of thick cream, matcha jelly and sweet azuki beans. How much more Japanese can it get?♡

Tiramisu Parfait 950¥

Soft serve on top, tiramisu on the bottom - a match made in heaven! The from all vegan soft serve I have ever eaten, the one at Mumokuteki Cafe is the closest to real soft serve in my opinion. The parfait was quite filling and super delicious, I would definitely eat it again!


Because of the huge range of variety on the menu, especially the dessert one, and the portion sizes as well as the atmosphere I love this cafe a lot and definitely recommend it!

They have the same cafe in Osaka, so if you're not going to Kyoto you can check it out there, too!



Opening Times:

11:30 - 19:00 Closed on Wednesdays




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