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Best Doughnut Shop in Tokyo: Good Town Doughnuts | Many Vegan Options

If you are ever in Harajuku, I recommend not to only walk through Takeshita-dori but also check out the many tiny side streets. You'll be surprised at how many cool and cute shops and cafés you can find there as well!

In one of the side streets there is a shop with the best doughnuts I ever had:

Good Town Doughnuts

Not only do they have many amazing flavors, the doughnuts are quite big as well.

And the best part: they even have vegan doughnuts, which makes it the perfect place for everyone. All in all they have 12 vegan flavors, however they offer about maybe 5 of them everyday. I personally went there twice with non-vegan friends. This way everyone can enjoy what they like without having to compromise. Of course they have a drink menu including coffee, teas, sodas, smoothies etc. And they have almond milk options!

The Atmosphere:

The cafe is quite big and has tables for 2 as well as tables for more people. The interior is in American style.


(Note: I did not take the pics of the menu myself, I found them in HappyCow)

Flavours I tried:

Sakura, Kyoto Uji Matcha, Maple Walnut (all vegan)

They were all very fluffy and sweet, so super delicious!I really recommend trying them.

The matcha one really tastes like matcha which I liked a lot. The sakura doughnut was just a plain doughnut with a pickled cherry blossom on top. My favourite was the maple walnut one!

Drinks I tried:

Almondmilk Latte (iced)

I'm personally not a huge fan of almond milk but it was okay. Not worth 710 yen though, especially because it was mostly just ice. But I like that they use paper straws instead of plastic!

Matcha Almondmilk Latte (hot)

It was really good, but still not worth 710 yen as it was kinda small.


doughnuts 400¥~450¥

drinks 500¥~1050€


Opening times:

Open daily 10:00-19:00




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