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I Tried MOS Burger's Vegan Burger | Plantbased Green Burger

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

A little while ago the Japanese burger chain Mos Burger introduced a plantbased vegan burger in 9 of their Tokyo branches, which is so amazing! However, because they were pretty far away and because of the corona crisis I didn't have a change to try it.

When I went for a little walk a few days ago I passed the nearest Mos Burger and I couldn't believe my eyes - there was wa poster in front of the shop stating the plantbased green burger was gonna be available from 21. of May! I got really excited.

The burger neigter includes any animal products not the five pungent spices (onion, garlic, scallions, chieves, leeks) which are avoided in strict Buddhism. The green burger is made from vegetables and grains.

Yesterday I really felt like eating a burger and also lazy cooking. Therefore I decided to give the green burger a try! I ordered it for take out and went home happily, looking foreward to my treat.

As you can see on the photo below, the burger got its name from the fancy green bun. And maybe also from the huge amount of lettuce on it lol

(I accidentally ate it upside-down haha) The patty is made from soy beans, shiitake extract, konjac and cabbage. The consistency is like real meat, which at first scared me a little bit but the taste was not like real meat, so I felt relieved. The taste was good, but a little bit too light in my opinion.

Therefore the tomato sauce was super strong. It wasn't bad but kinda tasted like the napoli spagetti sauce you get in the supermarket. It was so strong, I could hardly taste anything else from the burger.

If you include tax, the burger costs 580¥. It's small, but the non-vegan burgers are the same size. I would recommend to get something on the side or two burgers because I did not get full at all.

All in all, I think it is AMAZING that Mos Burger added the vegan burger to its menue and I am very grateful. It's a great option to have here in Japam where vegan food is rare.

However, I have eaten much better vegan burgers, even here in Japan (for example at Veganic to go). So, if I have the the option to go to another vegan restaurant, I would definitely choose it over Mos Burger.


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