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Best Vegan Melonpan | New Vegan Bakery in Tokyo

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

If you read my blogpost about Apellila in Kyoto and Kamakura24sekki then you probably know how much I love bread♡ I was a bit sad that there was no such place in Tokyo, or at least none relatively close to where I live. Buuuuuuut:

On May 22th "Universal Bakery and Cafe" in Setagaya Daita, a completely vegan bakery just opened! (^◇^)♡

About Universal Bakery and Cafe

The bakery offers lots and lots of vegan breads as well as coffee♡

They have everything from baguette, German-style bread, savory breads and sweet ones. There definetly is something for everybody!

Right now they only offer take-out, but there is a small space where you will probably be able to enjoy your food after the corona crisis is over.

The bakery looks very modern and chic and it is not far ro Shimo-Kitazawa, a cool area with lots of thrift stores.

About the breads

I chose four different breads. Melonpan, a croissant, shiro anpan and a bread with sour cream and potato on top and ate I them in a park nearby.


I had vegan melonpan before at 「24sekki」in Kamakura and 「Apellila」in Kyoto which both were amazing, however Universal Bakery's vegan melonpan is the best out of them all! The reason is it is just as fluffy as normal melonpan which in my opinion is very important for good melonpan. It has a thin layer of sugar on top but is not too sweet. The outside is crispy while the i side is soft and fluffy ♡ It also has a slight buttery taste which I liked.


I was lucky to receive a crossaint which just came freshly baked out of the oven. It was still warm and crispy on the outside. The inside was fluffy and tastet slightly buttery as well. It was just as perfect as the non vegan crossaints I used to eat until a few years ago. I like that they are not sweet at all, so it is possible to enjoy them both with savory and sweet foods.


The shiroanpan is a bread filled with white anko (sweet bean paste). The bread itsself is not sweet which provides a perfect balance to the creamy sweet filling. Also, they use amazakemto sweeten it.

Bread with Potatos:

Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this bread. It was fluffy and had a layer of

I belive sour cream with garlic and a bit of olive oil. It was topped up with thin potato slices and rosemary. I love how savory and delicious it was! Perfect for a quick snack or lunch ^^

My thoughts about Universal Bakery and Cafe

All in all I really recommend this bakery! Everything is completely vegan and not too expensive (most breads were more or less 300 yen, depending on the size more). The sorts of bread change regulary, so make sure to check out their instagram. I will definitly go again!

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東京都 世田谷区 代田 5-9-15

Opening Times


closed on Mondays and Tuesdays



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