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Japan´s Best Pizza at Premarche Alternative Diner - for vegans and non-vegans

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

You can find the restaurant "Premarché"in Tokyo and in Kyoto. They have a diner, an ice cream shop as well as a shop for organic food. I recently went to "Premarché Alternative Diner" and "Premarché Gelateria" (inside Premarché organic) in Nijo, Kyoto.

Premarché Alternative Diner

This restaurant serves mostly vegan junk food, but also has vegetarian and meat options which makes it the perfect restaurant for everyone. I think it is very useful when people who eat meat and vegans go out together.

I recommend their lunch set for 1400 yen. It includes an appetizer and a salad bar and for the main dish you can choose between pizza, burger, pasta or a rice bowl. If you choose the burger, you can get french fries as well.

If you pay an extra 300 yen, you can get the drink set which is basically the same as the lunch set but with a drink of your choice. You can check out the drinks on the picture below.

The menu clearly points out which foods are vegan or can be made vegan what I personally love. Also, everything is written in Japanese and English which makes it very easy to order.

If you want to eat dessert as well (not included in the lunch set), you can choose between cake, scones, pudding and ice cream. However, I recommend to eat the ice cream in the "Premarché Gelateria" shop. It is just about 2 min by foot and a little cheaper. They also have much more different flavors. At the diner I paid 640 yen for two flavors, while at the Gelateria they cost only 600 yen and seemed a bit bigger. I'm not sure if they REALLY are bigger tho. In both shops it is clearly pointed out which ice creams are vegan, too.

You can check out the menu here:

I chose the lunch set for 14000 yen. The appetizer consisted of a small "health drink", hummus and deep fried veggies. It was super delicous, especially the hummus!

The salad bar was a little small with just 3 kinds of salad. But they also have seeds and grains for topping. For the dressing, they had 3 different ones. Onion, carrot and sesame. I chose the onion one and it was very yummy.

For the main dish I chose the margarita with vegan cheese. First of all, I was surprised by the size! I've seen bigger pizzas in Germany and Italy but for Japan it was a decent size which made me full.

Also, previous pizzas I ate in Japan weren't comparable to the ones we have in Germany or Italy as dough had a different consistency and use different toppings.

This pizza however had the exact same consistency as in Italy and also tasted exactly the same. The dough was crispy on the outside but fluffy inside and not to thin or too thick. The tomato sauce was good too. All in all this might was the best pizza I had ever eaten in my life.

The vegan cheese was amazing too. The consistency is a bit different than normal cheese but very very close to it. The taste was very similar to cheese as well. I didn't expect to find vegan cheese this good in Japan to be honest.

On the picture below you can see the difference between the margarita with mozzarella (the top one) and the vegan version (lower one). The color is a bit different but besides it is almost the same I think.

For dessert we chose ice cream! I had two vegan flavors, Belgium chocolate and brown rice caramel. The chocolate one had a little bit of a chewy consistency which I liked a lot. It was very chocolatey and not too sweet, just perfect. The caramel one was more fluffy and delicious too. Both flavors were so good that I don´t even know how to describe it in words. I highly recommend them! Especially because they go very well together.


Premarché Gelateria

When we went to the register to pay, they gave us coupons for the "Premarché Gelateria" (inside "Premarche Organics"). It seems to be a limited offer for the lunch menu because the diner just opened recently. So we decided to go there too ^^

When we arrived there, we realized that they have much much more flavors and the ice cream is a little bit cheaper than at the diner. 1 flavor is 500 yen, 2 flavors are 600 yen.

Because of the interesting name, I decided to choose the flavor "Ninja". Its a black ice cream which tastes like black sesame.

As "Premarché" is close to Nijo castle, it might be nice to combine visiting both places on the same day ;)

Please check the restaurant out if you're interested ^^


What I love

  • perfect for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters when going out together

  • the pizza and ice cream were unbelievably delicious

  • they have a lunch set

  • easy to get there

  • the staff speaks English and the menu has English translations too

  • On the toilet you can find batteries for your phone to charge and you can bring them to your table with you. Just give them back to the staff after using.

What I don't love so much

  • the food is a little pricy

  • The ice cream at the diner is more expensive than at "Premarché Gelateria"





京都市中京区三条堀川西入る橋西町672 2F

Opening times

Lunch Time  11:30〜14:30 (L.O. 14:00)

Dinner Time 17:30〜21:30 (L.O. 21:00)

Closed on Wednesdays, open for lunch only on Tuesdays


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